Vision & Mission


According to President University’s founder, Mr. Setyono Djuandi Darmono, President University was built for two reasons; to become a research and development center and to set a new benchmark in Indonesian higher education. The founders of President University laid down the foundation and ground work to ensure that President University will develop into a great institution of learning where students from all parts of the world can acquire knowledge and develop into useful, responsible citizens and future leaders.

President University is located in Jababeka Education Park in Kota Jababeka. It is surrounded by the Jababeka Industrial Estate with more than 1,500 national as well as multinational companies from 30 nations, such as Mulia, Unilever, Samsung, Mattel, ICI Paint, Kraft and others.

As an international standard university, not only are the classes conducted in English, but President University is equipped with an international standard curriculum which was made and developed by world-class academics. All courses, including the state mandatory courses, are conducted in English. Students will speak, write, learn and think in English, the Global Language of today.

Vision of Department of Communication

To be a leading Study Program in Communication Science that produces graduates with international perspective, sound character, wisdom, and comprehensive competence in Communication Science, both theoretically and practically, at the national, regional, and Asian territories.

Mission of Department of Communication

  1. To provide a quality learning process, supported by professional lecturers and up-to-date curriculum that is linked and matched with the world of industry.
  2. To carry out research programs that contribute to the development of Communication Science.
  3. To carry out community service activities related to the Communication Science that can contribute to meeting the needs of the society and the world of indsutry.