Dindin Dimyati, S.Sos., MM

Dindin Dimyati: A Pencak Silat Lovers

Dindin DimyatiDindin Dimyati, S.Sos., MM

NIRD/NIDN: 0521028352796844/0403097001

A Sundanese who was born on 3rd September and grew up in Bandung. He loves the city very much although it is getting hotter and hotter due to its growing population and development. He loves learning languages, therefore he went to English Department at Padjadjaran University after he had completed his secondary education in 1989. While pursuing his non degree education, he tried his luck in another entrance test at the same university. he was then accepted at the communication studies faculty majoring in communication management in 1991. Graduating in 1997, he then worked as an English programme broadcaster at FMB 105.15 FM in Bandung. One year later he started his career at the only English speaking university in town at that time – ARS International University. He pursued his higher education at the University of Wales-Swansea in 2000 through the British Chevening scheme majoring in Social Development Planning & Management. Ading, that’s how his friends and students call him, got another scholarship from the place where he taught for ten years to study Marketing Management.

Since 1986, he also has fallen in love with Sundanese cultures and arts. Therefore he loves listening to Sundanese music, writing Sundanese short stories, and practices Sundanese traditional martial arts –maenpo/pencak silat. Due to his attention on traditional cultures and arts, he focuses himself on ethnography of communication, virtual ethnography and cultural studies. However, he also has a quite great interest on PR studies.