ISD Essay Writing Competition 2016

ISD Essay Writing Competition 2016 is an essay competition organized by

General Requirements:

  1. The grand theme is The Services Sector as a Driver of Change.
  2. Choose one of following services as the sub-theme of your essay: Business Services, Communication Services, Construction & Related Engineering Services, Distribution Services, Education Services, Environmental Services, Financial Services, Health-Related & Social Services, Tourism & Travel-Related Services, Recreational, Cultural & Sporting Services, Transportation Services, and Others.
  3. Articulate a clear position, persuasive thesis and focused argument.
  4. Show a critical awareness of the rhetorical situation for argument of services sector in Indonesia.
  5. Incorporate research to support the ideas and points of view.
  6. 800-1.000 words and must be submitted by latest of April 1st 2016 in PDF format attached with CV. Submit the essay to
  7. Essay must be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English in popular style. Preference of language will not affect judging process.
  8. Forbidden use of offensive language and content related to ethnic, religion, race, and groups (SARA).
  9. Any essays found to be plagiarized will be automatically disqualified.

Student Category: Current student of university (Diploma and undergraduate program) proven by copy of student card. Essay has not been published elsewhere.

Journalist Category: Essay include Feature, Opinion, and other Soft News format and must be published on print/online media between July 2015 – March 2016. Essay has not been published elsewhere.

Public Category: Open for public participation from any background including academician, government officials, business, association, and NGO (non government organization). Essay was not published elsewhere.

The poster of ISD Essay Competition is attached.

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